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They Were Called To Rescue Hundreds Of Rabbits But SPCA Agents Were Not Expecting To Find This In The Basement

Rescuers from Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue were called to a home in New Jersey for an animal hoarding situation. Rescuers were told there were countless rabbits being kept in the shed on a woman's property.

The rabbits were kept in rows and rows of cages in a damp space with no ventilation. They were living in their own filth within rusted cages and the only food they had was crawling with maggots. Rescuers also found guinea pigs in the confined area. All together, 300 animals were seized from the shed alone.

Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

As they were moving the animals from the shed, rescuers entered the woman's house only to find more rabbits on the first floor. But it's what they found in the basement that was even more shocking.

Mike Stura, founder of Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, said, "One of the SPCA agents went around the back of the house and saw a calf looking back up at him from the window of the basement."

Skyland Animal Sanctuary And Rescue

"She was living in the basement with several inches of rabbit feces and urine on the ground," Stura said. Because the calf, now known as Violet, lived under the rabbit cages in the basement, she was drenched in the rabbit waste coming from above her. She was stained in yellow.

10-week-old Violet was kept in complete solitary with no human contact for six weeks. When Stura tried to approach her, Violet bolted.

Susie Coston

When asked why she kept Violet in the basement, the owner of the house said she was trying to get a tax break for owning three cows instead of two. Since Violet was a calf when the lady bought her at an auction, the woman decided to separate her from the other cows (who were kept outdoors) until she was large enough.

Violet was rescued and brought to the animal sanctuary, where she was treated for pneumonia. She now has clean bedding and a safe space to relax and heal before joining the other cows at her new sanctuary.

Check out this video of Violet outdoors at her new home. She seems much better!

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