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She Was Afraid To Pray, So She Tried To Hide, Then A Security Guard Appeared

Samantha and her husband were at a Patriot's football game, enjoying the warm, sunny afternoon and the positive energy of the crowd. Sam proudly wore her Gronkowski sweater and cheered with her fellow fans.

The game stretched on and soon it was Dhuhr time, a prayer period for Muslims between 11:36 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. (depending on where you are in the states).

Samantha and her husband discreetly made their way through the bleachers to an empty corner. As her husband began to pray, Samantha felt nervous - she wasn't as comfortable with praying so publicly.

"I was a bit nervous to pray because it wasn't private at all, particularly in front of everyone, maybe I'm silly but I'm always paranoid I will get attacked while focused in prayer."

As her husband knelt, a stadium security guard approached her. In her mind, she was certain that he was about to escort them out, that he would tell them that they could not pray there.

Instead, in a beautiful act of human kindness, the guard offered to stand by them as they prayed.

According to Samantha, he said:  'I am going to stand here and guard you guys to make sure nobody gives you any problems, go ahead and pray.'

Then, he shook their hands and told them to enjoy the game. She says that it was "an amazing experience (that she) will never forget."

Samantha shared her experience with friends online and soon the Facebook post had reached 37,000 people. Messages of support and love have opened up the conversation on prayer in a positive and inspiring way.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, and even people who don't follow a faith, spoke together about the positive powers of prayer. Encouragingly, the common feeling was that no one should be afraid to pray.  

What do you think? Is it OK to pray publicly? Let us know in the comments below!

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