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They Were Trapped In A Brush Fire, But A Heroic Man Came To Their Rescue

These cats are paw-sitively lucky after a heroic photographer came to their rescue.

The pair of kittens were trapped in a pile of burning brush when they started crying out for help. Carols Pacheco heard their pleas and knew he had to do something.

"My first thought was, I am going to have to watch this cat pass away," said Pacheco. The photographer had already been taking pictures of the fire for about 5 minutes before he heard the kittens. He saw one trapped under the flames and another resting nearby, breathing in heavy smoke.

"It was too hot for me to even get close to it, which is why I was surprised that the cat was even in it. I had to shield myself with my jacket to even attempt to grab her," he said.

Pacheco pulled the cats from the fire and brought them to Fargo's Cat's Cradle shelter. Both kittens were in shock when they were brought in. One of the kittens, affectionately named Pyro, had blisters and burns all over her paws as well as singed whiskers. Her brother, Manni, is in pretty rough shape. He suffered severe smoke inhalation and tests revealed he has a heart murmur, although it's unknown if that is from the fire.

According to the shelter, the cats are getting better every day. Once they're fully healed, the kittens will be placed up for adoption. Carols Pacheco said he may even take both of them home permanently. Either way, the shelter says they won't split up the brother and sister duo.

"They've been through so much together."

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