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17 Slightly Odd Things All Cat Owners Are Guilty Of Doing

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Cat owners are a strange breed.

We pretend to be normal (okay maybe we don't) but we are secretly all a little insane.

It may actually surprise you to know that a lot of those "weird" things you think you do are actually quite common among cat owners.

Here's a list of things that all cat owners are guilty of, regardless of whether or not you admit it in public.

1. You try to hold their paw no matter how hard they struggle.

If you're lucky, they'll just pull away. If you're not, they'll pull away and then bite you.

2. Chasing your cat around the house whenever they're doing something cute

Stay here. Let me take 5000 pictures of you and send 4999 of them to my friends on Snapchat.

3. Not completing things you need to do because a cat is sitting on you.

No, no. It's fine. Your happiness is more important than my need to pee. And also if I leave you may never sit with me again.

4. Giving your cat human food just because you want them to experience luxury.

5. Having a conversation with your cat and then remembering they don't understand.

And let's be honest, even if they understood it's not like they would care.

6. Having a voice reserved specifically for them.

And sometimes you have a hard time switching out of it when another person walks in.

7. Trying to use the Snapchat filters on your cat and praying they'll work.

And when they do, it's magical.

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