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Man Finds His Wedding Ring Around A Carrot 3 Years After Losing It

A wedding ring is a symbol of unity and promise. It is your way of telling your spouse and the world that you are committed to one person and are happily so.

When you lose your wedding ring, it can be heart-breaking. For this 82-year-old German man, he lost his wedding ring of over 50 years and he was heartbroken. His wife kept telling him to relax, saying the ring would turn up eventually.

Sadly, his wife passed away just six months ago, three years after he lost his ring.

However, he was reminded of his wife's wise words recently as he was gardening.

The man's wedding ring had grown around a carrot in his garden! When his wife said it would turn up, maybe the universe thought she said "turnip." There was his lost ring, hugging a carrot. The band must have been embedded in the dirt for years before a carrot grew through it, allowing it to be unearthed.

Regardless of how it happened, it's hard to believe this wasn't a sign from his wife that she is still looking down on him.

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