American Astrophysicist Shuts Down Twitter Troll With Her PhD.

Dr. Katherine (Katie Mack is a theoretical cosmologist - that means she studys the nature of the universe: how it began and how it could end. She spends her days trying to explain things like black holes, the creation of galaxies and dark matter. So, she probably understands a thing or two about the effects of global warming on our planet.

She innocently tweeted about how much we are losing due to climate change:

A legitimate fear, considering NASA published this disturbing list of consequences of climate change, we should probably at least be concerned.

When her tweet was replied to by Gary P Jackson. Also known as RAT (how charming), this winner shoots back with a real zinger:

Does this guy even know who he is talking to? Does he know what astrophysics is?

Guess not.Since her wicked burn was posted, it has been retweeted over 2 thousand times and has over 6 thousand likes in less than 24 hours. Gary's gone silent. The internet, however, is totally loving this:

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