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This Picture Of A Woman Who Gave Birth At 36,000 Feet Has Gone Viral

Missy Berberabe Umandal was on a flight from Dubai when, about 5 hours into the trip, she noticed that a very pregnant passenger was having contractions. The woman's baby wasn't due until October, and, according to Umandal, this was quite a surprise arrival.

Flight attendants called for assistance and two nurses stepped forward. The baby was already crowning, so the woman was moved to the front of the plane. Moments later, passengers heard a "semi-loud" screech and then "a few tinier, cute screeches" which meant that the baby had been born. The birth was quick: only one big push and the little air angel was out into the world, her name is Haven.

A shelf from the cabinets was filled with mineral water and turned into a makeshift wash basin to clean the baby. Then, mother and baby walked back to their seat. Luckily there were two other babies on the flight, their parents donated clothes and necessities to the new mom and babe. The flight made an emergency landing in India to ensure the baby's health and then continued on to the Philippines.

Even though the baby was born over India, the United Nations Convention on International Civil Aviation states that a baby born on a ship or aircraft will take the "citizenship" of the vessel. Since Cebu Pacific is registered in the Phillippines, baby Haven is Filipino. The airline has awarded the lucky little lady one million GetGo points. She and her family can fly free for life!

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