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Dogs And Babies Are The Perfect Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

Puppies and babies never fail to melt the heart of even the most notorious cynic. It is just impossible to be cranky when two innocent little creatures are bonding and having fun. Dogs are surprisingly good with babies (for the most part) and often become best friends with their little sibling.

Here are 10 cases where dogs and babies strive for Internet greatness in the category of "Too Cute for Words."

Boston Terrier is Ready for his Nap

How do you try to act mad when your dog is this cute? This little Boston Terrier decides that Nap Time is for both him and his baby, jumping into the crib with the happy kid despite the mother's scolding. I would use the term scolding lightly, as it is impossible to be upset with this adorable goof. He is very careful and gentle with the little baby who is so thrilled to have the company.


All Grown Up

Keira is a lot bigger now, and Humphrey is just as much of a goof as always, pulling her along on a fun walk through the park. The are both having the time of their lives.

Tiny Little Puppy with a Tiny Little Baby

This little puppy can't be more than a week or two old and he is lovingly nestles into all the baby chins and this baby just has no idea what is going on.

All laughs and kisses

This incredibly patient dog lets the baby jump at him and his only reaction is to give little kisses. Hard to tell who enjoys it more, the baby or the person laughing while they film this.

This Husky loves this baby as much as the baby loves him

This gentle giant has to change positions so that he can give the appropriate amount of love to his best friend.


Little Jester Dog

Some dogs exist purely to amuse their little baby buddies.

Maybe he just loves balloons, but the baby loves him and that is what matters.

Sometimes the Puppies love a little TOO much

He means well, but this top heavy baby falls over after his over-excited puppy tries to love him a little too much.

How dare they be this cute though?

Even if you aren't one who normally loves babies, this is just outrageous right? I kind of want to trade lives with this baby though, he really has a sweet deal.

Car rides are always best when you have a friend

There is no better time to catch up on your cuddling!

Cuddle Buddies

This German Shepherd seems to be adjusting to the newest member of the house just fine.

Hope this helps get you through that mid-week grind, I know my day just got a whole lot better!

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