This 76-Year-Old Woman Found Her Second Career Late In Life. Her New Vocation: Yoga Teacher!

Ellen Millar is a gentle, temporary tattooed 76-year-old yoga teacher who brings her classes to her clients. She was inspired by her chiropractor who suggested off-the cuff that "some people try yoga" for their discomforts. Well, Ellen tried it and found that it brought back a spring to her step that she hadn't had in years.

The effects of yoga were so impressive, she decided that she wanted to teach others what she had learned. At first, she was a little unsure - she still had her own physical limitations and she wasn't sure if she would be able to complete the training course. Others weren't so certain that she could pull it off either, but she made it through and now she's enjoying every minute of teaching what she loves.

"I've lived 76 years and one of the the biggest accomplishments to me was graduating from that teacher training course, it meant more important that high school or college because, I guess, this is my calling," she says, "I hope I can instill in these people a new zest for life, and I think I can see that happening, and it's humbling."

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