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Calling All Cat Lovers: This Tech Connects You To Kitties In The Best Way!

The newest technology is pairing adorable adoptable kittens with the virtual world and it couldn't be cuter!

Shelters in the United States are wired with cameras and electronically controlled cat toys that jingle, spin and sway depending on how users control the buttons on the website. Kittens pounce and attack the tantalizing toys that can be manipulated from thousands of kilometers away!

Thanks to iPet Companion, cat lovers from as far away as Europe can scan the playroom and play with adoptable kittens and cats for up to three minutes at a time. You can take pictures and save them to your computer's desktop too!

Boise's Apriori Control Technology software was donated to the Oregon Humane Society last year. Since going online, they've witnessed an increase in adoptions by 14 percent and donations by 30 percent!

Not only are adoptions on the rise, this awesome tech is connecting sick children in isolation to playful kittens through the power of the internet!

Last year, Mattel Children's Foundation funded a grant that connected children in isolation at Wolfson's Children's Hospital in Jacksonville Florida with shelter animals at Jacksonville Humane Society. For these children who can't have the direct benefit of therapy animals, online kitten play is just what the doctor ordered!

Whether you need a kitten break during your hectic day at work, are house-bound, or allergic, visit the website and spend three minutes in heaven with these playful cuties!

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