This Amazing Cheerleader Tumbles Her Way To Internet Fame With Over 9 Million Views On YouTube

It turns out America's got a taste for tumbling! If you love Simone Biles' incredible moves, check out Angel Rice, this fierce cheer queen with an amazing tumbling routine.  Although she didn't make it to the Olympics in Rio this year, perhaps we'll be seeing her in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Angel has a huge fan following. She posted this incredible video of her tumbling at the 2016 Elite Challenge three months ago and already has over 200 thousand views and over 1000 comments.

In 2015, then 16-years-old, Angel set the Guinness world record for most double full twists performed in one minute!

Two years ago, a video of her incredible tumbling at The All Star Games was posted on YouTube, which is up to over 9 million views!

What's next for Angel? Well, according to her interview with NBC News, she's aiming high: "Right now, I'm trying to train so that I can get on the U.S. team for the Junior Olympics." Angel has already begun training with gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi with hopes that she could become America's next Olympic contender.

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