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It's Puppy Love For A Rare Dog And This Arctic Predator

Two beasts: one wild and one domesticated, one big and one small, have proven (once again) that humanity is the only species in the animal kingdom with prejudice.

When lifetime Northerner, David De Meulles saw this huge polar bear lumber over to a group of chained dogs, he wasn't sure what to expect.

Locals know that bears and dogs have a kind of friendly understanding of one another; but they also know that nature has her own will. Anything could have happened, most people would expect the worst.

In a rare moment of luck, De Meulles from Churchill, Manitoba in Canada captured the "video of a lifetime" when he witnessed a huge polar bear cuddling up to a scrappy sled dog in the northern tundra.

"I had no idea what was going to happen, and then sure enough he started petting that dog, acted like he was a friend," David De Meulles told the CBC.

Incredibly, the polar bear pets the dog several times before the pup stands up to stretch. The dog seems to recognize his buddy and waits patiently for the lumbering bear to stand up - off of his chain.

This pup is one of many rare breed Canadian sled dogs that De Meulles raises on his property.

"These are like lions, these dogs. They're primitive and fearless," Ladoon said.

De Meulles tells CBC that it's not all roses between his dogs and other animals, he has lost a few to Arctic predators, mostly to wolves. But it's still a kind of heaven:

"It's like a little Garden of Eden," Ladoon said. "It's a safe place. They (the dogs) feel like they're happy there, they survive.… They love it and so, hey, why should I not help them?"

Watch the incredible video below!

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