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This Army Sergeant Saved Civilian Lives On His Way To Work

Army Sgt. Michael Huson is being hailed a hero, and this time it has nothing to do with his military service.

First Sgt. Huson was getting off the interstate on his way to work when he saw something up ahead.

A tractor trailer was lying flipped over on its side.

"I noticed the tire was moving a little bit and there was a little bit of smoke…so I realized this probably just happened," Sgt. Huson says.

Huson pulled over and noticed there was a man and a woman trapped inside the front cab of the truck. He tried kicking in the windshield of the truck but it was too solid. Instead, he climbed on top of the truck and lifted up the door, like a hatch of some sorts. He was able to free the woman but noticed the man was more injured and didn't want to move him until emergency services arrived. Once they arrived, emergency services cut him out of the cab.

Huson says he's stopped on multiple New Jersey roads in the past to help motorists in need. He has no plans to change that.

"What would you want somebody to do with you if something like that happened to you?" he asks. "So immediately that's not even a thought and I think most people would do that."

Huson served time in Bosnia and now works at an Army recruiting center in downtown Newark.

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