This Artist's Comic Captures The Love Dogs Share With Us

Your dog's relationship with you lasts long after they're gone. Whether you were together for a decade, or just a short time, the love and memories of your dog stay in your heart forever.

Kelly Angel, a cartoonist from England, captures this beautifully in her comic "Good Boy".

Be warned: you'll need to break out the tissues to finish this one.

On her website, Angel shared a message about Jay (the dog that inspired this comic) with her readers.

Jay had died just months before she drew his story, and you can tell from the comic's heartfelt emotion.

"Most people will tell you their dog is the best dog," she writes. "They're probably right, I know I was."

Despite the sad ending, you can tell Angel has a lifetime of fond memories of Jay to comfort her, and she takes solace in the fact that Jay is in doggie heaven.

"Or people heaven," she adds. "The has to be dogs in people heaven or what's the point?"

Share this comic if you'll love you'll love your dog forever!

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