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This Breast Pump Is A Game Changer For Modern Moms

New moms know the tedium of pumping breast milk and all the time that has to be set aside just for a couple of ounces!

Traditional pumps have lots of attachments, must be plugged into the wall and can be quite cumbersome. The most common complaint from mothers who pump is that they are noisy and isolating.

The founder and his team at Willow were inspired to improve the breast pump for modern moms  - namely so that they don't have to put their lives on hold to express milk.

Willow is a smart breast pump that fits into your bra, is virtually soundless and totally hands-free!

It is easy to take apart,  dishwasher safe, easy to use and in tune with your body. The pump connects to an app on your smart phone that shows you exactly how much milk you've expressed and logs the information for later.

According to the website, it senses your let-down and automatically transitions to to expression phase based on your own body's milk production and timing.

The new pump will be available in the spring for $429.00 and first models are compatible with IOS. The milk bags are reusable and retail for about $0.50 each.

Check out the video below to see for yourself:

Would you spend this much for a breast pump? Let us know in the comments below!

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