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This Bride-To-Be Dumped Her Bridesmaids For An Outrageous Reason

Weddings are extremely stressful, but that's why you have bridesmaids! They make things a lot easier on the bride just by being there to listen (and also by helping to plan a few things.)

But this bride seriously took it too far when she nixed two of her bridesmaids for the most offensive reason.

One of the bridesmaids dumped, Reddit user throwittothewolves60, posted about her issue three days ago and has received hundreds of replies. Most of them in support of her, telling her the bride is not someone she should be friends with.

UM...EXCUSE ME!? The bride decided her friends' skin tones were too dark for the dresses she had chose, so she kicked them out of the bridal party. Which...I guess she has a right to do? But that doesn't make it okay. The bride originally told her friends it was because there weren't enough groomsmen, but she ended up finding out during a casual conversation with another friend of the bride.

Turns out this other friends' boyfriend had done all the catering for the wedding and was still not paid for it a month after the wedding. As she was venting, it slipped out that the reason the two bridesmaids were dropped was their skin color. The Reddit user has still not told the other bridesmaid about it. I don't blame her, either. Would you want to be the one to break that news? Probably not.

And many offered their own words of support and wisdom.

Reddit users came right to the defense of the bridesmaids, basically telling her the bride is a racist non-friend. But not everyone was jumping on the hate train.

However, some users are cautioning the bridesmaid, saying maybe this other 'friend' is just holding a grudge because her boyfriend didn't get paid yet.

It seems like a pretty outrageous thing to say, especially if the jilted bridesmaid decides to confront the bride about it. But it's definitely not out of the realm of the possibility.

So we gotta ask...do you think this bride actually did this? Or do you think the bridesmaid is being a pot-stirrer.

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