This Brilliant Challenge Is Saving Kids' Imaginations

Today all of the most popular kids toys can talk, or let kids play computer games, but toys used to let kids tell their own stories. Playing was a way to practice creativity, and you didn't need to spend a lot of money for that.

Now, a global challenge is trying to encourage kids to be creative by giving them the one thing they need to entertain themselves forever: cardboard boxes.

Do you remember when you were young, and somethings simple as a box could become a magic castle, or a rocket ship? Those are the great experiences that the Imagination Foundation is trying to bring back.

The Imagination Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes creativity and curiosity in kids. They began the Carboad Challenge but now it has spread all over the world.

The idea is simple: put down the toys and technology and give your kids some boxes and craft supplies. Some parents organize events for big groups of kids, and some cities even have a big annual challenge with tons of cardboard and special events.

Parents love to plan their kids' day out almost to the minute, and avoid activities that seem "messy" like crafts because it's too much work for them, but the cardboard challenge lets kids run wild - with a goal of making something creative - and the results can be really impressive. Katie Cadman, who organizes regular Cardboard Challenges in her town of Newcastle, Australia says that the activity also teaches kids to share and cooperate, because everyone uses the same materials. "The kids were just so into it, so incredibly capable of making these amazing creations when given the opportunity," she told ABC about one of her recent events. "They were really driving it. It wasn't us driving an outcome. We were really happy to just see what would happen."

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