This Cafe In New York Only Serves One Thing: Cookie Dough

No matter how many health warnings we read about cookie dough, it will be the one snack we absolutely, positively, 100% can not resist.

Just having some of this delicious, chewy treat in your fridge is a major risk to your waistline. If you're willing to put your life on the line for a bite of this incredible treat, we have good news!

Not only is there a new cafe opening in New York City's Greenwich Village that specializes in gourmet cookie dough, they've also perfected a special formula that makes this dessert 100% safe to eat - you know, unless you eat a lot of it.

Cookie DŌ (pronounced "dough") serves a tasty line of cookie dough flavors including the classic chocolate chip, sugar cookie, Fluffernutter, s'more, and peanut butter snickerdoodle.

There's no need to worry about salmonella, because they only use a special pasteurized egg product. There's no raw flour either, because the cafe has made their own special heating process that means you get the same cookie dough taste with no worries.

If a bowl of cookie dough isn't your thing - but seriously, that's everybody's thing - you can try other desserts like ice cream cookie sandwiches, cookie cake, and even plain old cookies.

There's even Doggie DŌ, a tasty treat that's safe for dogs (and not as gross as it sounds), so man's best friend can enjoy man's favorite snack too.

Cookie DŌ only has two locations in New York, so you'll need to make a road trip to enjoy it, but they do deliver all over the city.

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