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You Have Cat To Be Kitten Me, Mom!

That look. If you have kids, grand kids, or in this case, a hoard of playful puppies, you know it well.

The look of exasperated defeat that this patient kitty gives to her 'Mom' is probably the same one you've given to your partner at the end of a very long day of caring for the kids.

As this beautiful grey cat lies calmly on the floor, this pack of playful pups nips at and pounces on her. She might let them walk all over her  - literally - but, when they get too rambunctious, she's not afraid to put them in their place.

One thing is for sure, these pups just adore their kitty companion and she certainly loves them too!

What do you think of this unlikely animal partnership? Do you have an unusually patient cat? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to Like & Share!

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