This Cat Lost His Front Legs And Is Basically A T-Rex Now

There's a T-Rex running loose in Bangkok!!

Okay so it's not a T-Rex, but it definitely looks like a tiny, fluffier one!

Meet Able the cat, a 5-year-old Tabby cat from Thailand who lost both his front legs AND his tail after being electrocuted.

"He was trying to chase a bird on the roof of an apartment and he accidentally touched an electric power line," his owner said. "As a result of the electric shock Able lost his tail and his rectum was very badly burned and damaged. His front legs were also very badly damaged and had to be amputated by a vet."

It took Able a long time to recover and learn how to walk on just his back legs, but now he's got it mastered! Most people are curious about how he moves around the house, especially on the stairs. But his owner posted a video on Able's Facebook page to answer that.

Able can't really chase birds anymore, but that doesn't mean he can't sit and watch them out the window! He also loves snacks and hanging out with his BFF Fifi.

Able also just loves lounging around...don't we all!

"He also likes to watch National Geographic tv programmes with birds," his owner said.

Long story short, Able is a T-Rex cat and I'm extremely happy that he is living his best life.

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