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This Christmas Advertisement Featuring An Injured Tiger Has Us All In Tears

If you're an animal lover, the newest Christmas advertisement by the World Wildlife Fund will tug hard on your heartstrings this year.

For thousands of years, tigers have been hunted for souvenirs, status symbols and medicines. Now, poaching, habitat loss and climate change have brought this magnificent animal to the brink of extinction.

This Christmas, The World Wildlife Fund is promoting #iprotecttigers. A campaign to encourage gift donations in support of wildlife preservation and tiger protection.

Get your tissues ready for this one...

An injured tiger lies on a bed in distress as a concerned family looks on. Each member does their best to care for him, but what he really needed was rest. Mom washes his wound, the daughter reads him a book and the father sleeps in a chair by his side.

When the tiger has regained his strength, he hops off the bed and walks out their front door, into the jungle. As the family says a tearful goodbye, he turns to look back one last time. *sob*

Watch this beautiful video below. Do you donate to charities during the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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