This Couple Had The Most Australian Wedding Ever

18 years ago Qantas made the iconic "I Still Call Australia Home" ad that will live forever as one of the all time greats. With over 3 million dollars spent to shoot all over the world, it's one of the most expensive ads of all time, but it's also nearly guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

Two of the children in the famous commercial's choir, Paul Van Der Tooren and Elysia Simons, hit it off on set while filming at Ayers Rock.

"I remember his looking over at me with this shy smile on his face," remembers Elysia. "He was pretty quiet, but every cute and, like now, was just listening the whole time."

What neither of them realized at that moment was that almost two decades later, Paul would pop the question at the very same spot where they'd first met.

The couple remained friends after filming the ad, but eventually lost touch with each other. In high school, they reconnected over the internet and they've been together ever since.

When it was time to propose, Paul knew he had to involve their first meeting somehow. Neither of them had been back to Ayers Rock since they were kids, so Paul made a few calls to Qantas and Australia's Channel 9, who arranged for the couple to be flown out.

Elysia was taken by surprise, but of course she said yes, and the happy couple started planning their big day.

Elysia is a wedding photographer, so she knew exactly what she wanted for every detail of her wedding. The couple had their ceremonies outdoors in the beautiful Yarra Valley, and shared their first dance under the open sky.

There's no word on whether or not the couple's did a duet of the song that brought them together, but Elysia said all of the speeches mentioned their incredible history together.

"'It came up," she told the Mail. "The speeches were one of the best parts of the day."

Congrats to the happy couple! Share their beautiful story with someone you know!

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