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This Dad Got The Best Christmas Gift He Could Ask For

It's always special to spend Christmas with family. But sometimes, that can't happen.

Whether it's distance, estrangement, or money issues, too many people are left alone at Christmas.

For Terra and her father, it's been 25 years since they've been able to celebrate the holiday together. They've lived on opposite sides of the country since Terra was four years old, but last year she decided to surprise her dad to make up for it. It also happened to coincide with his 60th birthday.

Terra's dad thinks she's back home for the holidays, but when he opens his gift he cannot contain his excitement.

Terra's uncle is the one explaining the gift. He is a two-time cancer survivor and lost most of his voice to radiation, which is why he's a little hard to understand.

Look at the sheer joy on his face!

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