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This Dad Taught His Son The Best Way To Deal With Bullies

This commercial will give you more feelings than some movies! It's the sweetest story of a young boy and his struggle with bullies. It opens with the boy watching Flamenco dancers on his phone but quickly shuts it off when his father walks in the room. He is handed a box containing a martial arts uniform which he does not look all that excited about.

When they head to the class, they walk by a group of bullies who call out at him for being a "daddy's boy" and continue to bother him every time they pass by. The boy grows his martial arts ability as time passes and when he makes it to the green belt his father surprises him with another box.

Inside the box is a full Flamenco outfit and the boy is completely surprised. It is so sweet to see that kind of reaction. The boy strolls past the bullies all by himself, confidently wearing his little outfit and the bullies try to make fun of him, but now that he is so confident it just doesn't stick.

This commercial will totally make your day, you really have to see it!

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