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Hero Photographer Risks His Life To Save This Young Eagle From Drowning In Thick Sludge

Nature photographer, Krzystzof Chomicz, rescued a white-tailed eagle from drowning in thick coastal mud near the Polish town of Swinoujscie on July 26. Footage of the dramatic and dangerous rescue was captured by drone.

When local firefighters and other attempts to retrieve the six-month-old bird failed, Chomicz stepped up to the plate. Attached by a rope, he dragged himself through the sludge, stopping several times to catch his breath. When he reached the exhausted and frightened young bird, it struggled with Chomicz, snapping at his arm and leg. The photographer managed to hold on as rescuers dragged them both back to solid land.

Local news reports that the eagle, named Icarus, spent the night in Swinoujscie in the care of wildlife conservation workers before being transferred to a refuge in Szczecin. Experts believe that this may have been the young bird's first flight.

This isn't Chomicz's first rodeo, he saved another white-tailed eagle from the same coastal sludge in 2015.

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