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Disabled Rooster's Special Wheelchair Lets her Walk Again

There's a lot that's hard to understand about Louise, the disabled therapy rooster.

For one thing, why does a rooster have a girl's name? Well, when he was born the farmer that owned him thought he and his sister were both girls, so they were named Thelma and Louise.

That same farmer gave Louise away, because his legs were deformed and he had trouble competing for food with the other chickens. Louise moved in with Keryn Denroche of British Columbia, Canada, who's given the handicapped rooster a good home.

She's paid for all sorts of medical procedures to improve the little bird's life, including x-rays and surgeries, and now she's even bought Louise his own custom-built wheelchair.

The chair is basically a soft, blue bucket with four wheels that takes the stress of Louise's legs. When he's out of his chair, he also wears a pair of orthopedic shoes that keep his feet comfortable.

This may sound like Louise is a very pampered chicken, but all of this care is for a good cause.

Denroche runs Sali's Farm, a charity that connects abused and neglected children with animals, and Louise is a therapy rooster who helps comfort these children.

"Now when the kids come, they hear about his story and they see him with his very visible disability and it just resonates with the kids," she told the CBC, "because some of their stories aren't that great."

She says Louise's story is proof for the kids that no matter what curve balls life throws at you, people will always be happy to help you.

"When they come here, they get unconditional love from Louise and that can have a really big impact on them."

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