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This Disney Princess-Themed Newborn Photoshoot Is The Cutest Thing You'll Ever See [PHOTOS]

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It goes without saying that every girl is a princess to her parents and some mothers and fathers like to go an extra length to prove it.

So when photographer Karen Marie put out an open call for newborn babies to star in a princess-themed photoshoot at her Belly Beautiful Portraits studio in California, you can only imagine how many eager parents responded.  

Belly Beautiful Portraits

The photographer chose six 2-week-old babies to be the stars of her Disney-inspired photoshoot and the results are absolutely stunning.

The idea was inspired by Marie's love of Disney's "amazing tales of love and heroism." She wanted to incorporate an important part of her childhood into the lives of the newborns with the princess-themed session.

Baby JasmineBelly Beautiful Portraits

Marie partnered up with Sew Trendy Accessories to create the gorgeous gowns for the babies and then her and the studio staff assigned each baby a princess before they arrived.  

"I've had this idea in my head for so long," the photographer and mom of three told KCR3. "My staff and the lady who makes the gowns all sort of came together to create this six sets."

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