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This Dog Probably Has Better Hair Than You Do

Kuma the dog is more stylish than any human I have ever met. She has some of the best hairstyles Instagram has ever, or will ever see and there is no convincing me otherwise.

If you need some hair inspiration, this dog is where you need to look because no human could possible be doing it better, I pretty much guarantee it. Check out 25 of Kuma's best looks.

1. Look at this braid though!

2. Top knot is perfect

3. Crown braid fit for a queen

4. A tribute to Princess Leia

5. Pigtails for days!

6. Okay, but will you teach me how you did that?

7. This dog has patience for days!

8. That is some beehive!

9. Accessories are important

10. Even the casual day messy buns are perfect

11. This dog is too much.

12. Ready for an 80s throwback

13. Just the cutest

14. How long to you think it takes to style it?

15. It's exhausting being this beautiful

16. Ready For the game

17. Actually just perfection

18. Doing her best Spice Girl impersonation

19. Playing it cool

20. Letting the wind flow through her hair

21. It takes a lot of commitment to look this good.

22. Woke up like this

23. You can fight all the evil you want little sailor scout!

24. Never in my life has my hair looked this cute

Seriously, look at her.

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