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This Dog Was Abandoned In The Cold, Watch His Stunning Transformation

Last year, Pudding had a pretty awful Christmas.

An inspector from the SPCA found this little dog tied up and left in the freezing rain by a careless owner. While Pudding was trapped outside, mud matted the fur on his face so badly he couldn't see out of his right eye. He was such a mess that the SPCA staff couldn't even tell what breed he was.

He was also underweight, with overgrown nails and fleas. Whoever Pudding's careless owner was, they had left him to die out in the cold. And this was on Christmas Eve!

Thankfully, after his rescue things have been looking up for Pudding.

A couple living nearby heard about Pudding's ordeal and offered to help him right away.

"When we inquired about Pudding having heard his plight over Christmas, we were desperate to help in any way we could," one of Pudding's new owners Rachel Beakhouse told the Daily Mail.

Now, Pudding has his own room in the Beakhouse's home, complete with his own closet full of snazzy sweaters, so he'll never be cold again.

The Beakhouses say that Pudding took some time getting used to his new family. Whenever the couple left the room, he would start barking for them to come back. Luckily, with their love and support Pudding is gradually learning to trust again.

"He may be an older boy now but I fully intend to give him the best final years of his life," Mrs. Beakhouse says, "and show him what it really means to have a loving home."

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