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This Flight Crew Wasn't About To Let Her Miss A Major Milestone

For a lot of people, birthdays are a day filled with celebration. Especially when it's a milestone, like say, your 90th birthday.

Cleo, who's last name we are unsure of, was on a flight to Hawaii when the flight crew made a surprising announcement.

They asked all passengers to close their windows, turn on their call lights, and join them in singing 'Happy Birthday' to Cleo.

David Raslevich, a passenger on the plane, captured the touching moment on video and posted it to Facebook.

"The flight crew were awesome. She was with her daughter and son in law. The flight crew went all out for her," said Raslevich. "I wish I would have taken a picture of her "crown" they made her. It was peanut packs put together with the drink straws and they also gave her a 'goodie bag.'"

The crew didn't have to do anything for Cleo. They easily could have just wished her a happy birthday on the announcements and been done with it. But Southwest Airlines decided to go above and beyond for her to make it extra special.

Way to go, Southwest Airlines! And happy birthday, Cleo!

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