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Trainer Puts This Player Under Hypnosis Before He Scores An Incredible Goal

We know it can make you cluck like a chicken and embarrass yourself on stage, but can being hypnotized make you a better athlete?

Christian Bermudez would probably say yes. The Mexican football player for the Chiapas Jaguars was filmed being put into a trance by hypnotist Luis Guillen before scoring a highlight-reel goal at a recent practice.

Bermudez - who's nicknamed "The Hobbit" for his tiny size - doesn't look like he's faking it. Guillen can be heard telling him in Spanish "Let your unconscious mind relax more and more and your body will simply release itself in a second."

Then, Bermudez scores an incredible bending goal that will make you believe this supernatural power really works.

For years, sports stars have been saying that you really can "trick" yourself into performing better. American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton would "hypnotize" herself by visualizing herself doing her routine flawlessly, and it paid off when she scored two perfect "10s" at the 1984 Olympics.

Even other soccer players say they've brainwashed themselves into playing better. Last year French player Andre-Pierre Gignac made headlines when he visited a hypnotist to help end his team's losing streak. The next game, he scored one of the goals in his team's 5-0 win.

Now, he thanks his hypnotherapist after every goal by putting his teammates "to sleep" with this weird celebration.

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