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This Foster Dog Did The Strangest Thing After Having Puppies

If you are in need of your daily dose of cute, look no further. This video is perhaps the best thing I have seen in months. It is just too adorable and lovely that it makes my whole heart feel warm.

Grayce the dog just had 11 puppies and she is doing a great job at taking care of them. She was recently relocated to live with Stevoni Doyle as a foster so she could have her puppies and they bonded very quickly. When her new dog mom comes to sit with her and visit, the dog starts passing her all the puppies! By the time they start filming she has 9 of the puppies in her arms and the other two are quickly retrieved and brought to join the squirming little puppy pile.

Maybe she needed a baby sitter, or maybe she just wanted to share her little babies love with, but whatever it was, it was an amazingly adorable experience that anyone who loves dogs would absolutely enjoy.

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