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This Glamorous Instagram Account Tricked 50,000 People

Everything about this account seemed legit, except it isn't.

This Parisian model's Instagram account has over 50,000 followers and they've all been duped.

The pictures of Louise Delage, the places she's at and people she's with are all carefully staged to deliver a very startling reality.

Pictures in the beautiful model's account look like your average snaps:

Chillin' on a boat...

Lunch with the fam...


Do you see it?

A night out with friends...

Look closely.

In every single picture there is alcohol.


The account was created in August by French ad agency, BETC. It was part of a campaign to raise awareness of alcoholism among French youth.

The campaign, Addict Aide, is a charitable organization dedicated to raising awareness in the public about addictions like alcoholism and serving as a source for information and help.

The campaign, 'Like My Addiction' shows how easy it can be to miss the signs of addiction. In a world of carefully crafted identities, it is so easy to hide our own less-than-ideal reality.

According to the CDC, "alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States," with over 90% of the alcohol being consumed during sessions of binge drinking.

Do you think the US could benefit from a campaign like this one?

After the reveal, Addict Aide reported five times their usual site traffic. You can watch the video reveal below:

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