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Every Parent Is Guaranteed To Cry When They Watch This Heartfelt Video

What is the deal with advertisements these days? Lately it seems like they're either really annoying, or they try really hard to make you cry.

Case in point: this ad from Pearle Vision that seems like it was designed by scientists to make you sob. It's about a young boy named Ben and how he adjusts to his new pair of glasses. I won't say any more, except grab a box of tissues before you press play, because this one's a doozy.

After this commercial and that Adidas ad set in the retirement home, I'm just making a new rule that we're only allowed to make commercials about dogs, or talking pieces of candy.

Pretty heavy stuff right? I don't know who wrote or directed this ad, but they're wasting their talent working on commercials. I say we give this commercial an Oscar, because if anyone else wins this year it would be a ripoff.

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