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This Grandma Died Tragically Because Hospital Ignored Her

Earlier this year, in a tragic turn of events, Patricia Fowler, a 75-year-old grandmother, died from pneumonia and sepsis at Blackpool Victoria Hospital in Lancashire, England.

She originally went to the hospital to be treated for a broken arm.

Although she had been to the hospital on three separate occasions for treatment of her broken arm, staff failed to recognize her.

In a cruel twist of fate, Mrs Fowler had the same first name as another patient and so was ignored by consultants. When the mistake had be realized, it was too late. Mrs. Fowler had already developed pneumonia and sepsis which she died from days later.

An investigation was launched and the hospital was found liable for Mrs. Fowler's death, but the family doesn't believe that it's enough.

"If she had been seen, or a nurse had noticed she hadn't been seen, she would still be here now. "We feel as though there is no accountability. They've admitted liability but that's not enough," her son said. "Something needs to change and we need to see more than just an apology."

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