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This 73-Year-Old Grandmother Defends Herself Against A Sword-Weilding Attacker And Wins

When 73-year-old Meenakshi Amma heard that there was a viral video of her battling with a sword and staff, this badass grandmother didn't really care. In fact, she hasn't made much of an effort to watch them.

This fearless grandmother has been practicing Kalari - a form of sword-fighting martial arts - since she was a child. She claims that it must have been her lifelong practice of the self-defence techniques that contributed to the power, energy, inner strength and stamina she enjoys in her old age.

Kalari, also called kalaripayattu, is an Indian sword and shield martial art that originated in Kerala, India. It is said to be one of the oldest fighting systems in existence.

It's a surprise to see the sweet grandmother in her beautiful pink sari attack and block with such force and skill. She effortlessly drives back her leaping opponent - a young man more than half her age!

In such dangerous times, Meenakshi says that it is essential for everyone to learn Kalari - especially girls. So, she teaches the techniques to local children as a means of self-defence. With these skills, young girls can feel more confident about speaking their minds and moving through public places without becoming the helpless victims of attack.

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