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This Grieving Father Rescued 300 Cats And He Wants You To Adopt Them

Chris Arsenault is a retired train conductor who has transformed his Long Island Home into a shelter for 300 cats, called Happy Cat Sanctuary.

After the accidental death of his 24-year-old son, Eric, the grieving father stumbled upon a  cat colony of 30 sick kittens. Chris decided to remove all of the kittens and nurse them back to health. It was caring for these helpless creatures that eventually healed the pain of his son's loss.

Chris has since dedicated his house and his life to the care for and protection of unwanted cats. His whole home has been transformed into a cat heaven and he even knows how to vaccinate the new arrivals! They're up for adoption and cat lovers will have plenty to choose from!

Seeing is believing though, watch the video below!

See the renovations here!

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