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Heartbroken Cat Has Lived By Her Owner's Grave For A Year And Her Story Will Make You Sob

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In case you needed a good cry today, this cat in Indonesia is here to serve that purpose.

The cat, who is unnamed, lives by her owner's grave now that her owner, Kundari, has passed away.

It's been almost a year since Kundari died, but her cat still sits with her every day. She refuses to leave the grave site despite multiple attempts for adoption from passers-by. The cat just sits, meow, sleeps, and cries for her lost loved one.

People come every day to give the cat food and water, but she never goes home with any of them. She just sits on the grave-site and cries all day.

One man, Keli Prayitno, tried to adopt the cat but when he took her home, she returned to Kundari's grave.

Her attempted owner opened up about the cat's habits...

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