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This High Tech Cat Treadmill Has Lots Of Cool Features

When The Jetsons began, the idea of keeping your pet healthy with a walk on the treadmill was a joke, but now reality has caught up with the cartoon and this fancy treadmill seems like a perfect gift for anyone with an overactive cat.

Bartosz Barlowski built this impressive set up for his cat Kuna, who had tons of energy and would keep him up at night by running around.

Basically, it's a giant hamster wheel for your cat. The design is pretty basic, the wheel is made out of plywood and everything fits together like a giant puzzle, so set up is very easy.

But what's really impressive are the extra features Barlowski built into this giant cat toy.

The first thing you'll notice is the grass-like mat on the wheel's track. This helps the cats get a better grip, but it also collects stray hair, so your cats groom themselves while they get their exercise.

He's also added led lights to keep your cat entertained, and a sensor underneath the track to record how far your cat is going and how fast. Not only does this let owners keep track of how much of a workout their pets are getting, it also let Barlowski add the wheel's last, coolest feature.

An automatic treat dispenser is programmed to let out a little reward for your cat every time they run a certain distance, which is great motivation for them to stay happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, Barlowski built his wheel for a crowdfunding campaign that never raised the money he was hoping, but if you want to build your own version of the toy he's made a how-to guide here.

If you're not as handy as he is, other stores have started to offer similar toys, like this one.

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