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His life Changed When He Returned A Designer Wallet With Hundreds Of Dollars In Cash and Credit Cards

Yesterday, Woralop was a 44-year-old man, living on the streets with just $0.26 USD in his pocket. When he spotted the Hermes wallet, he was suddenly $577 USD richer. Rather than take the wallet and cash for himself, he tried to run after the man who had dropped it.

Nitty Pongkriangyos is the 30 year-old factory owner who didn't even notice when the wallet fell. He quickly made his way through the crowded subway and out of Woralop's reach.

Since he couldn't catch up, Woralop surrendered the wallet to the local police station and disappeared. Nitty was so grateful to have the wallet back, that he tracked Woralop down and offered him an apartment and a job in Bangkok.

My first reaction was 'wow', if it was me in that position with no money I probably would have kept it. But he was homeless and had just a few coins in his pocket and still handed it in. That shows a good, honest person. Just the kind of staff we need,' he told Metro News.

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