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It Took A Near-Death Experience For This Fearless Artist To Discover Her True Gift

Branwyn Owens describes herself as a proud, Welsh lady who loved to paint and sketch. Wherever she went, she would bring her sketchpad and a pencil. Her talent was with oils, acrylic, pen & ink and pencil.

She is an incredibly skilled, self-taught artist, but everything changed for her four years ago.

"I almost died at the hands of others and it left me blind along with other catastrophic injuries," she wrote in her blog. Since losing her sight, she has dealt with harassment, agoraphobia, and PTSD.

In spite of everything, she rediscovered her love of art through a new medium: polymer clay.

"Before I saw with my eyes but now I see with my hands," the Cardiff native writes.

Her beautiful sculptures are available to the general public and are highly sought after by Hollywood actors and rock stars. She has received praise and support from the likes of Jeff Wayne, Marti Pellow and Alan Cumming.

Now, a successful sculptor, her Clay of Cymru work won a ceramic design award for New Designer of the Year in Paris last year.

"Being blind did not restrict me in creating art or restrict my creativity," she says. "If anything losing my sight expanded my mind by forcing me to try new techniques and materials I would not have done before. I just needed to lose my sight to realize how safe I had been playing it before in my artwork."

Branwyn's incredible sculpting skills are now being lent to a cheritable campaign to raise funds for a memorial to police dogs in the UK. She participates by making personalised polymer clay busts of police dogs and horses.

Each sculpture is handmade and set on wood plinths with an inscription of the animal's details on the back.

Her incredible work has more than 400 customers placing orders, which cost around £100, with profits going to charity.

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