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Her Fans Asked What Was Wrong With Her Hands, What She Did Next Would Inspire Thousands

Jordan Bone from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England joined YouTube in 2010 as a beauty vlogger and was an instant success.

She has gorgeous eyes, and cheekbones even I wish I had. Her tips and tricks are easy to follow and she is totally charming, so everything she does seems like you can do it too!

She's a natural beauty...

and her talent is absolutely stunning!

Fans love her technique and over the years she has accumulated over 116 thousand followers on Instagram, over 183,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 16,000 Facebook followers.

One of the most common questions she gets asked isn't about makeup at all - in fact, it's about something so personal, she wasn't prepared to share it with her audience until last year.

Many viewers noticed that there was something a little different about her hands and the way she was holding her makeup brushes.

At first, Jordan chose not to answer, but as time went on, she felt that it was time to reveal what had happened to her. When she was 15, Jordan was in car accident which left her paralyzed her from the chest-down.

"I was very anxious to share My Beautiful Struggle," Jordan told Cosmopolitain UK, "because it was showing my subscribers, or anyone watching, one of the vulnerable sides to me," she told the magazine. "I uploaded it because I wanted to let others know that they can achieve anything if they believe in themselves."

Support flooded in and she could hardly believe the response!

"I've had some wonderful comments on all of my social media platforms telling me how it has inspired/helped them which overwhelms me and makes me feel like I've done some good," she tells Cosmo.

But, she didn't stop there, Jordan now campaigns with Fixers, an advocacy organization of young people motivated by personal experience to make a positive change in themselves and their communities.

Jordan has made it her mission to speak with young people about road safety and making the right choices.

On her campaign page, she writes: "I'm working with Fixers now to not only encourage young people to drive safely, but to take care of their lives and to consider the choices they make."

We think she's fabulous, don't you?!

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