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This Innocent Man Was Put On Death Row, But A TV Show Proved He Was Innocent

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It's not every day that a comedy show is used as evidence in a murder trial, but Juan Catalan's case was anything but ordinary.

Juan Catalan in 2004.CBS News

Catalan attended a baseball came at Dodger Stadium in L.A. on the night of May 12, 2003. The same time he and his daughter were watching the game, a 16-year-old police witness was murdered 20 miles from the stadium.

Witnesses at the scene described a drive-by shooter who didn't look anything like Catalan, but later one witness picked his photo out of a police I.D. book. Despite his ticket stubs and his daughter's testimony that he was innocent, police charged him with the crime.

Security camera footage shows Catalan and his daughter at the game.LA Dodger Report

Catalan was so desperate to prove he wasn't guilty that he offered to take a lie detector test, but police refused to let him. Catalan was eventually found guilty and given the death sentence.

Catalan's lawyer, Todd Melnik, asked Fox and the Dodgers for their video footage of the crowds the night of the murder, but Catalan's seat was too small to make out. Then, the wrongly-accused man remembered something that saved his life.

Ever heard of Curb Your Enthusiasm?

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