This Invention Will Change Your Fish Tank Forever

Can you play fetch with a goldfish? Right now the answer is no, unless you're throwing some fish flakes, but you shouldn't expect it to bring those back.

But scientists have found a way to change that. The next big thing in fish tank technology are self-driving tanks that let your fish drive around your room.

It's still a prototype, so don't expect to pick one of these awesome rigs up from the pet store on the way home, but it won't be long before they start popping up in retail stores.

The downside is with all that extra exercise you'll probably have to buy your fish a bed too, or maybe a kennel, so they can relax afterwards.

In case you're wondering how this fish knows where he's going, he doesn't exactly. A camera above the tank translates your fish's movement into commands for the wheels. So they can go wherever they like, with no driver's license required.

If you're not convinced you absolutely have to buy your fish a car, you're not alone. The Dutch company Studio Diip tried to use Kickstarter to raise money for a retail version of the fish tank, but they fell short. By a lot.

Seems that great ideas just aren't appreciated in their own time.

Still, there's some hope left for the idea of driveable fish tanks. This image shows a new version of the tank on wheels designed by Carnegie Mellon University student Zach Newman.

Maybe if people keep working on the design this will catch on eventually. It would be cool to have a fish that could drive around your living room, but until then they'll have to settle for a little diver decoration, or some nice plastic kelp.

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