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This Is An Important Message To Read Before Voting In The Presidential Election

With mere hours to go until election day, a letter has been released by Twitter user "Johan Franklin", a German citizen.

In the letter, Franklin states his concerns for the American presidential election and how people are going to vote.

In so many words, Franklin makes it clear he believe voting for Donald Trump is like voting for Adolf Hitler.

The letter is short and concise, but packs a powerful punch. [WARNING: Contains explicit language]

Yep, he went there.

The message instantly went viral, with everyone retweeting it, including J.K. Rowling.

However, because the Internet is the Internet, Franklin received backlash for his post. Many didn't like that he claimed to speak for the entire German population. Franklin posted a follow-up letter, clarifying his remarks.

Franklin ultimately defends his choice to sign the letter on behalf of the entire country. He said it "was a way of overdramatising to add emphasis."

"Not all Germans think that way," he said. "But from what I hear from friends and family back home, what I read on German news sites and social media, many Germans are just scared [expletive] that an obvious demagogue and outright liar can gather so many people behind him."

The letter has sparked a lot of conversation among American citizens, so we've gotta ask...do you think Johan Franklin's comparison is accurate? Let us know in the comments!

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