This Is Not Your Grandma's Apple Pie, And You've Never Been Happier

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Does apple pie reach the top of your must-have dessert list? Whether you love a slice of traditional apple pie during the holidays or you could eat it for breakfast, these recipes will deliver all the flavors you look forward to.

Take the delicious combination of apples and cinnamon to the next level with these unconventional recipes that will surely please your hungry crowd.

Make sure you read all the way to the end for a big secret to make the BEST apple pie you have ever had.

Bacon Apple Pie

Bacon and apples are a natural pair. The salty taste of the pork combined with the sweet of the apple makes this pie a delicious mix. You don't need to be a master pie-maker to pull this one off. Store bought crust, apple pie filling and bacon trimmings will help you assemble this twist on classic apple pie.

Apple Braid

Leave your pie crust in the fridge because this apple braid doesn't need it. Load up a delicious bread recipe with your favorite pie filling and finish it with a sweet glaze. This recipe from Eat Live Run will make you slice off a big piece to have with your morning coffee or as a delicious dessert to finish off your meal.

Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl

If you don't love all the pastry that comes with apple pie, but still want to enjoy the flavor, this smoothie bowl will deliver. Smoothie bowls are a great way to start the day and this one tastes exactly like apple pie. You will be surprised at how many healthy ingredients it uses!

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