This Is The World's Only Luxury Cat Hotel

If you're a wealthy cat owner who's just booked an extravagant vacation, and you find out your hotel doesn't allow pets, what do you do?

If you live in England, you'll probably call Jo Ounsley, the owner of the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, which offers all the perks of a five star hotel, but for four-legged clientele.

This 6-acre luxury resort is nicer than some human hotels, and Ounsley designed the Ings from the ground up to be a world-class experience for its fortunate feline guests.

There are actually two different facilities at the Ings, the luxury resort, which will cost your $22 a night for a single cat, or more extravagant "cat lodge" which will cost you $30 a night. A special 160 foot double suite is also available, but customers are encouraged to inquire with the length of their cat's stay for a quote.

You know what they say: if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Everything you would expect from a luxury hotel is on offer here: cats stay in their own individual rooms, each with a human-sized four post bed and heated floors.

There are also a selection of climbing structures, indoor water toys, and a 42-inch flat-screen television in each room. The TVs play a variety of videos of things cats should enjoy, like birds and fish. Some rooms also feature "catios," enclosed outdoor balconies so your pets can stretch their legs and get some fresh air.

Ounsley also offers a variety of activities and special treats to make sure your cats are appropriately pampered. VIP experiences include bedtime stories, snacks, fine dining served on real china plates, and massages to help your cat unwind.

"We pride ourselves on providing a calm and tranquil environments," says Ounsley, although for out of shape cats the hotel does offer a full gym, complete with exercise wheels and obstacle courses.

But at the end of the day, the hospitality business is all about serving the customer. Ounsley will do almost anything to make sure her guests enjoy their stay at the Ings, including live streaming an owner's Las Vegas wedding so their cat could enjoy it.

Does this seem like fun, or are these owners spoiling their cats?

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