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"This Is Us" Finally Explains How Jack Died, And We Can't Breathe

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So what killed Jack Pearson?

Since This Is Us premiered last year this is the question that has been looming on every fan's mind. While it has been teased and hinted about, the mystery has been present since the first episode of the show when audiences across America got completely hooked.

Being a fan of the show can be a rough experience, because not only is it emotionally draining, but it has the ability to make you laugh and feel good about life, even during hard times.

While we wipe away tears at breakthrough moments for each of the characters, we still continue to grieve for the father-of-three who had his life cut too short.

But who does have the answer?

From the get-go Milo Ventimiglia knew Jack's true fate and he enjoys catching all the speculation and fan theories that go along with it.

Fans have been speculating how Jack Pearson dies since the beginning, but last night's episode may have finally laid to rest the answer.

Kate's fear of flying led many fans to believe that Jack died in a plane crash. Kevin can also be seen throwing away one of his toy airplanes, which further reinforces this theory.

Some also believe that Jack's struggle with alcoholism could be one of the reasons he died. After getting behind the wheel after having several drinks at the bar, fans were on the edge of their seat thinking this is how the character meets his demise.

Later scenes show the family's home being badly burned by a house fire and that caused fans to start seeing flames.

While he won't confirm or deny these theories, Ventimiglia said the truth is coming soon, and last night's episode was a major giveaway.

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