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This Is Who Your Celebrity Best Friend Would Be Based On Your Zodiac

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Some people are more compatible than others. For instance, it's best not to mix a water and a fire sign, as they tend to extinguish one another.

If you're an air sign, like Gemini, you'll definitely get along with any other air sign or a fire sign. Besides the elemental aspects to your zodiac, there are a lot of other personality components that come into play.

Who would be your best celebrity pal based on your zodiac sign?

If You Are A Gemini:

Your celebrity BFF would be a Leo, like Jennifer Lopez or Chris Hemsworth.

As a Gemini, you've got one of the busiest minds of the zodiac. You're constantly flitting from one thing to the other and love to stay busy. Whereas your Leo pal prefers to take a more lounging pace to life.

Your quick whit and sense of humor will keep your lion laughing, while their practical mind and penchant for making a grand entrance will supply you both with endless adventures.

If You Are A Leo:


Your celebrity best friend would be a Capricorn, like Kate Middleton or Denzel Washington.

As a Leo you are one of the more dominant signs of the zodiac. You are driven towards powerful, leadership roles and others often describe you as an alpha.

Having a selfless BFF like a Capricorn is super important for balancing your slightly self-centered tenancies. They'll tackle any problem and are amazingly organized planners. Bonus: they don't take criticism lightly, and they'll teach you how to do the same.

If You Are A Virgo:

Wealthy Gorilla / Vanity Fair

Your celebrity best friend would be a Scorpio like Leonardo DiCaprio or Emma Stone.

You two bond almost instantly. As a Virgo, you know how to lift Scorpio out of their emo funk, while Scorpio can help their pal get in touch with their more spiritual sides.

Both signs are perfectionists and have been known to be a little too honest (blunt). They don't cut corners when it comes to anything and that includes loyalty. Scorpio likes to discover the reasons why things are done, while Virgo likes to perfect how things get done.

If You Are A Libra:

The Source

Your celebrity best friend would be a Gemini, like the Angelina Jolie or Kanye West.

As a Libra, you value the similarities you share with your fellow air sign, Gemini. Both signs represent duality, although as a Libra you strive to find the balance in every day life, whereas your Gemini works hard to bring their multiple interests together into one project.

Your chatty Gemini buddy will keep you motivated and encourage you to try new things. As a Libra, you encourage Gemini's freedom of thought and expression.

If You Are A Scorpio:

The Source / International Business Times

Your celebrity best friend is an Aquarius! You'd totally bond with Oprah or Jennifer Aniston.

Scorpios are mysterious and bold, yet they prefer to carry on with a very secretive lifestyle. While you generally prefer to play your cards close to your chest, an Aquarius bestie totally understands why.

Since the Aquarius is also known for being a bit on the reserved, unobtrusive side, they blend well with your bold outer personality. You can bring out their flashy side by showing them how to artfully mix and match their wardrobe, while they help to settle your sensitivities before you can lash out with a sting.

If You Are A Sagittarius:

Aspen Peak Magazine / Pinterest

Your celebrity partner in crime would be a Leo like Sandra Bullock or Robert De Niro.

Sagittarius is known for being intensely focused and extremely goal-driven. They are also the traveler of the zodiac, so your best friend would have to be able to keep up with your wanderlust.

Don't worry, Leo's got your back! They're always full of energy and they're a tone of fun. Your fellow fire sign will rev you up with their bold character and abundance of confidence!

If You Are A Capricorn:

Pinterest/ Us Weekly

Your celebrity best friend would be a Pisces like Daniel Craig or Drew Barrymore.

As a Capricorn, you're practical and realistic in your approach to life. Having a best friend like a Pisces helps you to see the dreamier side of things and even take a few chances.

You both love to serve others in your own way, but where you take a more heavy-handed approach, your Pisces is more of a people-pleaser. Together, you balance each other's weaknesses and truly respect the other's strengths.

If You Are An Aquarius:

Radar Online/ HuffPost

Your best friend in Hollywood would be a Taurus, like George Clooney or Adele.

Aquarians are, by nature, very reserved. They're pretty low-key sign and you don't require a lot of attention. Your chill nature can also be your downfall as laziness can take over.

That's why you need a Taurus in your life. Your bull-headed best friend will lead the charge and keep you on task. They're just creative enough to find new ways to inspire you and soft-hearted enough to empathize with you when things don't go your way.

If You Are A Pisces:

GQ / Zntent

Your best friend in Hollywood would definitely be a Taurus, like Uma Thurman or Channing Tatum.

As a Pisces, you love to dream and can often get lost in your own alternate reality. That's why you need to have a Taurus pal to bring you back down to Earth.

As an Earth sign, your Taurus bestie would make sure that you keep your feet on the ground, while encouraging you to follow your dreams. They too are sensitive and easy going.

Your common natures compliment one another and you always find ways to loosen up and laugh.

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