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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Bikini Made Entirely From Pizza Costs $10,000

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There's no mistaking it, Americans love pizza. In fact, according to,  94 percent of Americans regularly eat pizza, buying about 3 billion pizzas every year.

Pizza is among the top 10 favorite foods eaten by Americans - they love it so much, they consume about 100 acres of pizza each day. That's about 350 slices per second!

But we're not the only ones who love a good pie. Internationally, about 5 billion pizzas are sold every year. It's no surprise that women are twice as likely to order vegetables on their pizza as men, but 36 percent of all pizzas we order come with pepperoni topping.

As summer approaches, many of us try to cut back on the amount of pizza we eat in order to get that desired beach body.

With bikini season fast approaching, one New York City restaurant has come up with a very ... interesting way to celebrate the best of both worlds.

While many of us avoid putting pizza IN our bodies before beach season, there's nothing stopping us from putting pizza ON our bodies - in the form of a bikini!

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